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What is a commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice is used to accompany dutiable (non document) shipments that are being shipped internationally. A commercial invoice is only required for NON EUROPEAN UNION destinations. An accurate and complete description is necessary for customs purposes. Four copies of the invoice are required with each shipment.



What is an EORI number?

An EORI number is a number, unique throughout the European Community, assigned by a customs authority in a Member State to economic operators (businesses) or persons. By registering for customs purposes in one Member State, an Economic Operator (EO) is able to obtain an EORI number which is valid throughout the Community. The EO will then use this number in all communications with any EC customs authorities where a customs identifier is required for example customs declarations. For further detailed information follow link:



What is volumetric weight and how do I calculate the dimension weight of my shipment?

Volumetric weight, also known as dimensional weight. You simply need to multiply the height x width x length in centimetres. If the shipment is going via air courier simply divide this figure by 5000 and if the shipment is going via road divide by 4000. You then simply round the total up to the next whole kg. If this figure is greater than the actual weight you will be charged on the dimensional, as opposed to the actual weight of the consignment. Our portal will also do this for you, but it's always handy to know. 



Can I track and trace my shipment?

Yes your shipment will have a tracking number assigned to it. This tracking number will be given to you at time of booking and can be accessed from collection through to final delivery.



Can I obtain a hard copy (Proof of Delivery) POD?

Hard copy graphic PODs are  stored so are able to access it online via your secure log in. These are updated in real time and also can be emailed directly to your inbox.

How do I calculate my shipment cost?

Total shipment cost can be calculated from your portal, simply input weight, size and destination and your bespoke calculator will give you options available to that destination country together with the total cost.

What are our payment terms?

Payment terms are 14 days from end of month. Any invoice queries must be identified to us within 14 days of invoice date.

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